Pirate Box


Pirate Box is a tool developed by Yodo1 to monetize pirated android apps in the Chinese market. By collaborating with various Chinese App ad networks, Yodo1’s Pirate Box puts local ads in Google Play builds of games within the Chinese market. To ensure full functionality and safety, Pirate Box will only activate once a user’s device is identified to be in Chinese and the location is verified to be in China. With many games the revenue that can be harvested is quite significant, and Pirate Box is a good idea for any developer that has popular games which monetize through ads. WIthout Pirate Box your games will simply continue to generate ad revenue that the original developer would otherwise never see. In fact, eCPMs from Pirate Box tend to be even higher than Chinese Android traffic through most legitimate channels as Pirate Box allows developers to access local ad networks that are otherwise inaccessible for apps in most Chinese Android app stores.

pirate-5c-20box_36545710 (3).png